UCF Pay is a specialized third-party payment platform for internet finance. Its principle business includes internet payment and issuing and acceptance of pre-paid card. The platform is developed based on a comprehensive risk management system, fully utilizing cutting edge technology and as a result, providing secured and user-friendly payment solutions for both online and offline requirements. 

firstp2p.com is positioned to be a comprehensive and professional internet investment platform , providing secured and user-friendly investment and wealth management services. It also successfully received “A “Round and “B” Round institutional funding in October 2014 and July 2015.

With the philosophy of “small funding for big business”, and by connecting entrepreneurs, investors and capital markets, www.zhongchou.cn incorporates crowdfunding, equity financing and incubator, etc to form a start-up ecology that provides integrated services for the full life cycle of new start-ups.

With national coverage by the professional teams of United Money, Yinghua Wealth and Honda Wealth Management, we leverage on the new O2O innovative model of “Integrated Physical Outlets + Web-Based Platform” to provide comprehensive and customized services to high net worth individuals. 

Net Credit Media strives to become a pioneer in internet media covering 4 segments in content, channels, derivatives and internet entertainment finance. Its business covers the complete supply chain in the entertainment and media industry. These include internet finance, internet video streaming platform, movies, TV dramas, TV programs,games, entertainment marketing, publishing, IP rights management and etc.

“N-Telecom” is a virtual network operator by a Finance Corporation with dual 4G networks. It entered the market with the concept of “creating the era of free communication”. It provides a secured and user-friendly environment targeting financial services and other web-based related application products.

Lifestyle Services

As the final link in our mobile web-based ecology as well as our mission in “Connecting People and Finance”, our users’ needs in lifestyle services under the same platform for internet finance.

United Money

United Money is a leading nation-wide money changer with over 100 stores all over China, most of which are located in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. United Money provides currency exchange and tax refund services for individual customers as well as banknotes wholesale service for banks and money changers.

AA Chauffeur

As a strategic partner of NCFG, AA Chauffeur provides premier
car rental services through its intelligent mobile application. Its business covers 16 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, etc. 

‘United Gold’ was founded in 2012, in national ‘Gold reserve’ and ‘Hidden gold in people’ financial policy’s strategic landing and socialization as macro development base, positioning in precious metals Internet integrated platform service providers. Real precious metals, precious metals investment and value-added, precious metals supply chain finance in one, Services to banks, third party channels and end users. Currently have more than 30 cooperative banks, nearly 5000 branch covering 29 provinces and cities in China.